Yuri, Connecting to the World


Business survival today depends on two factors: differentiation and globalization. Few understand this as well as Yuri Filimonov, a website marketer I met over the Internet.

Yuri Filimonov, a bright, talented 24-year-old marketer is fluent in English and Russian. A practitioner of Cascading Style Sheets, a method of designing websites providing exceptionally quick downloads, he contacted me to discuss building global business.

Despite his talent and product, Yuri needed to overcome his local economy in order to survive. Yuri's business was located in a rural part of Siberia where the average income is only $350 US per year. There simply isn't enough revenue for his business to survive.

Overcoming Obstacles

To overcome the challenges of the local economy, Yuri was determined he needed to go global. Yet going global proved to be a significant challenge.

"It is difficult to compete in other countries and cities where local people are known by the local business owners," Yuri comments.

He had to devise a marketing plan that would allow him an opportunity to develop web sites for people he would never meet face to face. Using the CSS process as a differentiator he developed a marketing plan to get his name known across the globe.

His plan called for joining organizations that had global web sites that would allow him to get his name out to the world.

Despite being half a world away, Yuri was using social networking to reach its members on the other five continents. Within two weeks of joining, Yuri had leads in the United States and Panama.

Other opportunities

Yuri is constantly looking for other opportunities to get his name beyond the cold tundra of Siberia as he realizes location can be meaningless when it comes to finding customers. "Once I stand out from the mass of competitors, I can get an unlimited (well, almost) number of clients, simply because the [global] market is so immense. It is a different challenge other than getting noticed within a country or a city," states Yuri.

One powerful lesson to insulate against local economies

This lesson from this Siberian should be motivational to all of us that are looking for ways to sustain permanent business growth. Far too often entrepreneurs will look at the local economy and blame it for their lack of success. However, Yuri proves that a localized recession is not as much of an excuse as it is a challenge to build a better business.

This is an excerpt from “Life’s Leadership Lessons” a collection of 53 anecdotal leadership lessons, each with an anecdote and the application of the topic in your everyday life. It is designed for use in weekly staff meetings or for personal development.