Your Goat

Ah-ha Moment

The next time someone is close to getting your goat, before you let their anger get to you, consider this wisdom from Buddha Gautama. While huddled in a teaching moment with a group of learners a passerby confronted him with an angry rage.

After listening patiently, the Buddha asked the learners, in front of the passerby, “If someone gives a gift to another, who then chooses to decline it, who now owns the gift?”

The learners thought for a while and then answered, “The giver.”

“Any fool can see that,” asserted the complaining passerby.

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The Buddha continued, “Then it is also true that, when someone tries to abuse us or pass their anger onto us, we can choose to decline or accept the anger. By our response, we can choose who owns and keeps the bad feelings.”

Life Lesson: Don’t let others get to you.