Two Roosters

Ah-ha Moment

Aesop told a tale about two roosters that fought over who should rule the farmyard. The one that lost hid in the barn while the victor made it way to the highest point it could find.

From his perch the new ruler crowed loudly about the success. His loud proclamation about his victory caught the attention of an eagle that swooped down, taking him off.

The other rooster then took over the yard.

Could Aesop have been predicting the takeover of Kmart by Sears?


But let us apply other names to the fable and see if it applies.

Two retailers fought over who should rule America. Kmart won the battle against Sears by surpassing their annual sales volume. The victory was seen before the end of the year and Kmart was proud to predict victory before the numbers were official. Sears hid in dated malls while the victor, Kmart, boasted about its volume surpassing that of Sears.

Walmart heard Kmart’s crowing and swooped down to scoop up its market share through better consumer offerings. Kmart would end up bankrupt and Sears would come out of hiding to takeover Kmart, including moving its headquarters into their offices (farmyard) from Detroit to Chicago.