The Widow

Ah-ha Story

At 95 years old Wilma had lived a good, long life. Yet her life changed dramatically just two months ago when her husband, Alfred, died. She could no longer wake up alone each day or find enjoyment in her new, solitary lifestyle.

Wilma decided it was time to join her husband in death. She reached between the mattresses where Alfred had kept a gun in case of a late-night robber. Tears in her eyes, Wilma wrote a brief note to her children before pointing the gun at her broken heart.

As her finger felt the cold steel of the trigger, Wilma thought, “Wait, what if I only wound myself. I could become a vegetable and be a horrible burden to my children.”

She decided to call her doctor to find out exactly where the heart was located. The nurse told her a woman’s heart is just below her left breast.

Assured she would be successful in ending her misery, Wilma once again pointed the barrel at where she now knew the heart to be located.

Neighbors heard the shot ring out and ran to her help her.

Luckily, they were in time to rush her to the hospital where doctors were able to mend her wound.

It seems that once Wilma had been told her heart was located below her left breast, Wilma proceeded to shoot herself in the hip.

Life Lesson:

Always get all the facts.

Even the simplest of directions are subject to personal perception.