The Radio Contest

Hands-on Exercise

Let’s pretend the local radio station, 86.4 FM, is giving six people, selected totally at random, $84,600 next Wednesday. The only requirement is that all the money has to be spent on Wednesday. No additional money can be added and once the funds are gone there can be no other spending for the day. Also, none of the money can be saved or invested. At the end of the day any remaining money must be returned to the radio station.


Ask attendees to right down on a piece of paper exactly how they would spend their money.


Have people split into small groups of four to six to share how they spent their cash. After a few minutes ask people:

1. What unusual ways was money spent by someone in your group?

2. Was there something that ALL members in your group spent money on?

3. Why do people spend their money differently?


"People spend their money based on their own preferences and priorities. Some would spend their cash on clothes, some might buy a new car, some may donate to church, some would do home repairs, and some would enjoy a nice evening out. It fact there are millions of ways the money could be spent.

'Similarly each day we are given 86,400 seconds. Like money each person spends time differently. Some will have great accomplishments while others will be disappointed that they had little or no forward progress in their goals. Yet at the end of the day, no time can be carried over."

This is an excerpt from “Earthly Time Management: 6 Unique Techniques for Christians”, published by Impact Press. Go to to learn more.