The only 2 Things People Buy

By the Numbers

Look at any marketing program and you will see the successful ones all key in on the only two things people buy. It is not complicated, but it is largely misunderstood. Salespeople are trained to have a blanket script.

The script is developed from a generic sales presentation that outperforms other scripts, but the script does not necessarily address one of the two purchasing triggers of the unique customer standing before them.

In order to maximize their efforts, a great salesperson will take time to listen and fully hear the insight the customer gives them as to which of the two things that will open the customer’s wallet. So what are these 2 things?

Solutions to their problems

People are constantly looking to experts to help them solve their problems. Show a customer how to solve a problem and the wallet will open.

The salesperson must find out what it is that is troubling the customer. This could be something that keeps them awake at night or it could be something they simply just do not know how to do. If a salesperson could show that they are an expert in resolving the issue that salesperson will have a sale.

Consider every infomercial you've ever seen. They always present a problem. It's hard to use a hose without it kinking or being difficult to rewind. Barbecue grills get dirty and are difficult to clean. Cooking the perfect hard-boiled egg can prove a tremendous challenge. These and other problems are magically solved by buying the product in the infomercial.

Good Feelings

The second thing that will get a customer to put their credit card into the chip reader is good feelings. Making someone feel more attractive, helping them build their confidence through new skills, or creating a state of mind where they feel if they will live a long and healthy life will all achieve the sales goal of providing good feelings.


Salespeople should think first and foremost about the solutions to their customer’s problems and ways to make the customer feel good about themselves, their family and their legacy. If they do this, they will certainly have a plaque on the Wall of Fame at their business.

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