The Mail-Box Solution

An Ah-ha Moment

Sitting on a major road in the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan, was an old barn where Ms. O’Neill loved to create all sorts of ceramic artwork. She loved what she did and had a great following due to the quality of her work.

As the city grew new residents were unaware of where her legendary shop was because the land around it had been turned from farmland to residential developments.

To help people find her she put out a very modest sign simply saying, “O’Neill Pottery”.

However, since the neighborhood was classified “residential” the city’s Zoning Officer quickly issued a ticket and ordered the sign be removed. As she begrudgingly took down the sign her creative juices kicked in.

She went to the Secretary of State’s office and pulled one of the cleverest marketing tricks of all time. Upon returning home she got a can of paint and painted confidently painted “O’Neill Pottery” on her mailbox.

Of course, when the Zoning Officer returned to see if the sign had been taken down he noticed she had simply painted the name on the mailbox. He got out a citation and began filling it out when O’Neill approached him and demanded the ticket not be given. And she was fully within her legal right to do so.


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O’Neill was correct, the Zoning Officer could not ticket her. After all, when was at the Secretary of State’s office she had legally changed her name to “O’Neill-Pottery”. Postal regulations allowed her to have her name and house number on the mailbox.

Creativity can save the day! You need to clear your head of preconceived notions and look at things through the eyes of a child.

Once Ms. O’Neill began thinking with fresh thoughts she was able to come up with a remarkable solution that helped her build her business.

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