The Line

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One of the biggest marketing errors made is telling your customers what you do. Campaign after campaign has proven that customers do not want to know you do the things they expect. Why? Because that is taken for granted.

For example, if you say you have friendly service or low prices it means nothing to them as they both expect that and will make their own judgment on both claims. You might say, “We have the best burgers in town”. Also meaningless, everyone thinks theirs is the best.

What they need to know in a marketing is what makes you different form everyone else. Tell people your burgers were voted as the best in town by the newspaper and television station and you are giving them a compelling reason to do business with you.

Here is another example: A trial lawyer in Detroit faces massive competition. One tells people he won the biggest settlement in Michigan history while another says, basically, we are friendly and will get you through your trial. Customers expect their attorney to be there for them – but moreover they want a nice check at the end of the trial.

Marketing programs, to be successful, MUST give customers a compelling reason to come to you instead of your competitors.