The Hammer Order

Ah-ha Moment

One brother was tremendously jealous of his younger brother. Their father was grooming both to take over his small store once he retired. However, the father was constantly giving more responsibility to the younger brother and the older brother could stand it no longer. He went to his dad and asked him why it was that his younger sibling was given more responsibility.

“We can talk about it later this afternoon,” said the father. “Right now we are low on hammers in the store. Could you call ABC Supply and see if they have any in stock?”

The older brother did so immediately and returned to his dad.

“They have a dozen available,” he said. “That’s good,” the dad replied. “How much are they?”

“Let me call them back and find out.”

A few moments later the son returned to report the price was $100 for the dozen.

“How quickly they could be ordered if we take them,” asked the dad. “It’ll only take a moment to call them and find out,” said the older son pleased that things seemed to be progressing so well.

In about ten minutes the son returned to explain they could deliver them the next day.

The father asked him to wait in the office for a minute as he called in the younger brother.

“We are low on hammers in the store. Could you call XYZ Supply and see if they have any in stock?”

Five minutes later the older brother learned why the younger brother was given more responsibility.

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The son waited as his dad did some paperwork and in about 5 minutes the younger brother returned. “Yes, they do have hammers in stock at $100 for a dozen. I also found out that two dozen only costs $150, which means the second dozen would be half price.”

"I saw our cost for these same hammers is normally $10 each," he continued, "so I went ahead and ordered them for tomorrow morning. If you would like to get the second dozen they gave me until this afternoon to call them back to modify the order.”

The older brother was really impressed.

“Thank you, dad, I understand.”

Life Lesson: Keep track of your competition – and co-workers are competition – and learn from them!