The Foot Ache

Ah-ha Moment

John hobbled into the emergency room complaining about the tremendous pain in his foot. He was shown to a treating area where he sat on the edge of the bed. In a few moments the attending physician entered the room and taking one look at the swelling told John to wait a moment.

A few seconds later the doctor returned with a large pill. As the doctor placed the pill on the counter the nurse yelled for the doctor to help with a patient that had fallen a short distance down the hall.

John could take the pain no longer. He hobbled over to the sink outside of the room to get a cup of water.

He immediately took the pill and returned to the bed to sit down.

A few moments later a nurse entered the room with a bucket of water.

To find out what shocking thing she said to John, and the life lesson to be learned from it, scroll down.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “The doctor has been called away. He asked me to come to the office so we could start addressing the swelling. Here’s a bucket to soak your foot in - I just need the pill the doctor left here so I can put it in the water.

Far too often in the business world we react based on only a portion of facts. Great management requires superior listening skills. Listening is not just hearing what is said. It is listening to what is not said.

In this case Janet was not told what to do with the pill. Instead of asking probing questions to get the full story she reacted based on her prior experiences with being handed a pill. Partial or missing instructions can cause great embarrassment or pain. Be sure you understand the goal and what is expected of you before you act.

Life Lesson: When problem solving, get all the facts.