The Doorbell

Ah-ha Story

Walking home from the bus stop an elderly lady spotted two young boys on the front porch of a home along the way.

They were still in their school uniforms and were using their backpacks for altitude as they tried to reach the doorbell. Her heart touched by the lads, she wondered why today’s parents don’t watch for their children when school is out.

So decided to help and walked up to the house and gave the doorbell a solid push.

To see what happened next, scroll down.

​As soon as it rang the two boys picked up their backpacks and yelled, “Run!” and disappeared around the corner.

The elderly lady allowed her heart to speak without applying the knowledge off the true intent of the boys. Business leaders are not immune to this mistake. When seeing a team or organization that appears to be struggling to get to a goal be sure to find out what the actual goal is before intervening.

Life Lesson: Reacting before you get the facts can lead to embarrassment.