The Dog and the Slippers

Ah-ha Moment

Dog trainers generally agree that using a rolled up newspaper is extremely effective as a training device when used properly. Here is an example.

You are reading the paper you do not see that your puppy is chewing on your slippers. As you are singularly focused on completing a tough crossword the pooch is continues to devour the lining of your favorite leisure foot covering.

As you finish the last word you go to put on the slippers and you notice what the dog has been doing. To provide the appropriate discipline immediately grab the newspaper and roll it up and . . .

Scroll down to see what you should do to apply the proper amount of discipline. . . .

. . . hit yourself over the head and ask yourself why you did not pay more attention to the dog.

Disciplining employees is very similar. Instead of criticizing or chastising them for making a mistake, ask yourself what you could have done to have prevented it. You may find that you have created an environment that prevents quality of performance.

Life Lesson: When your employees do harmful things, many times you are the one responsible.