The Dejected Debtor

Ah-ha Moment

A manager was trying to help an employee that was dejected because he was delinquent on his bills.

“I haven’t paid on my debt in three months,” he cried in hope of comforting words.

“Certainly there must be something good in your life to be thankful for – think about that,” the minister recommended.

“I am so far in debt I can’t think of anything, sir,” the man stated. “Help me. Do you know of anything I can be thankful for?”

It did not take did not take the manager long to answer.

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“Certainly,” said the manager, “be thankful you are not one of your creditors.”

Any experienced business professional can find something to be thankful for no matter what happens. Although this manger’s first response lacks true value it is a humorous diversion, if only for a moment’s relief.

Indebtedness is often a way for an individual or business to make a careful analysis of their fiscal policies and their current expenses. Although one should make this a regular part of their strategy it is often overlooked until the P&L (Profit and Loss) statement has grown to the point it is not easy to rebound from.

This employee needed to have the conversation with his manager or advisor long before getting into this situation. At the very least this is a great point at which he should adopt new financial strategies.

Life Lesson: There is always something to be thankful for.