Workshop Exercise

This exercise involves a controversial, but not too controversial topic, to demonstrate TEAM DYNAMICS.

1. Pick a topic.

a. Who is the greatest inventor of all times (Edison or Franklin)?

b. Who is the greatest humanitarian (Princess Diana or Mother Theresa)?

c. Which invention was more important (car/internet or light bulb/allergy medicine)

2. Groups

Divide the group into two groups, one assigned each half of the pair of options shown (or make up our own).

3. Small Group Discussions

Allow 15 minutes to prepare arguments.

4. Small Group Presentations

Have each group present their argument for up to 3 minutes.

5. Debrief

a. Did one or more assume the position of team leader?

b. Was the overall tone supportive or combative?

c. Did the group have avoiders (people not engaged or contributing)?

d. What was the most helpful behavior, and why?

e. Did individuals voluntarily step forward to take notes, prepare notes for the argument, or present the group’s position to the other group?

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