The Clowns

Ah-ha Moment

For her daughter’s tenth birthday Sheryl had gone all out. The caterer and band had both arrived, but the clown was late.

Two homeless men saw the party and decided to capitalize on the celebration. They approached Sheryl asking for a handout. But Sheryl did not believe in giving unearned handouts so offered them a meal if they would chop some wood in the backyard.

They accepted.

The mother began to clean up as the party neared its end with the clown still missing.

Looking out the window she saw one of the homeless men is dancing and doing cartwheels and back flips in the backyard. She went to them offering to pay them if they would do the dancing and acrobatics again for the children.

“Let me ask my friend,” he told Sheryl before turning to ask his friend.

What he said next shocked her.

Scroll down to find out what he said.

“Jack, she says she’ll pay you $50 if you chop off another toe.”

When we see someone doing great work, we often can attribute the reason to many different things: our training, our processes, the talent of our employees, or the prior experiences of employees. Knowing why someone is doing a great job could help us to replicate the ways outstanding performance is being achieved.

Life Lessons:

Morale #1: Amazing feats often require great sacrifice.

Morale #2: Know how someone was successful before you negotiate with them.

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