The Chihuahua

Ah-ha Moment

The family’s pet Chihuahua wandered from the camp site one night while on safari. Scared and hungry after his night in the wild, the Chihuahua found some fresh bones under a bush. Quickly he began to devour them, satisfying his hunger. As his little belly became full, he noticed a lion out of the corner of his eye.

Knowing he was in deep trouble, the little dog exclaimed loudly, “Wow! That was a delicious leopard. I wish I had another to eat.”

Overhearing the Chihuahua, the lion stopped his prowl and ran in the other direction. After running for ten minutes, the leopard took a rest. He thought, “That was a close call! That vicious dog almost got me.”

A monkey was in the nearby trees watching everything. He quickly thought of a way to form an alliance to protect him from future danger.

Carefully, the monkey approached the lion. Staying safely in the trees he called to the lion, explaining the entire prank. The monkey did not know the Chihuahua had seen him venture off to the lion nor did he know the dog had listened to his conversation with the king of the jungle.

The lion was enraged when he heard the truth and set off to locate the little canine.

But the sly pooch had another trick ready. When the lion approached he turned his back and pretended to be hunting.

As the lion started to pounce, the creative dog said something to stop him in his tracks, once again setting a feeling of fear within the lion. What did the little dog say?

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“Where has that monkey gone? I sent him hours ago to bring me another lion.” In the business world this scenario is often repeated. A small company can “scare off” a larger competitor by using the arrogance of the larger company.

Kmart fell victim to this. They were once the king of Detroit retailing. Other major regional and national retailers had shied away from opening outlets in the Motor City because of the strength of Kmart, which was headquartered in the town. Meijer, a regional hypermarket from the other side of the state, had been moving eastward with locations distant to the metropolitan area before making the decision to go head-to-head with the large national chain and its disciplined retail approach. Kmart ignored the threat because Meijer was viewed more for its grocery business by chief executives that decided Detroiters would not want to place clothing on the same conveyer belt as a raw meat purchase. Misjudgment is also a small dog.

Royal Crown Cola, once America’s largest cola company was “scared off” by Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The monkey in the tree was bottled cola. Royal Crown thought America would never turn their backs on the soda jerk at the corner drug store so decided to by-pass the expense of establishing a bottling operation. Today Royal Crown is a small dog. Life Lesson: Survival often requires quick thinking.

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