The Beggar

Ah-Ah Monet

  • The beggar’s teaching The other day I had an appointment in an area I had never been to before. Instead of complimentary parking the lot had a meter kiosk in the middle. Unfortunately, my associate and I did not have any coins for the meter. We decided I would stand by the meter in case a police officer came by while my associate went into a nearby store to attempt getting change.

  • A few minutes had passed when a street person noticed me. Being dressed in a suit he must have thought me a prime target for quick income. “Hey buddy, you got any change?” he asked.

  • “I’m sorry, I’m waiting for some myself,” I replied.

  • What he then said surprised me. “You will not be successful unless you get a cup,” he pointed out.

  • There are many lessons we can get from this. Here are a few.

  • You need to dress the part

  • Although it is generally considered over-dressing is better than under-dressing, it is best to dress the part.

  • Have the right equipment

  • Often, we ask people to do something yet fail to give them the resources they need for success. Properly equipping someone for your desired outcome will result in better and quicker outcomes.

  • Excellent advice can come from anyone

  • Be receptive to advise from anyone in this case the beggar had great advise had the situation been as he saw it. Be prepared Keep some resources available for the unexpected. This is important for salespeople or those who go to unfamiliar places for appointments. In the case of this story, had there been some research they would have known to have some coins. Consider what would have happened had there not been any parking available at all – disastrous results likely would have resulted.

Life Lessons:

  • Sometimes you appear to be something you are not.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

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