The 7 Types of Procrastinators

By the Numbers

There are seven distinct types of procrastinators. See them below the picture.

Seven types of procrastinators In my study of procrastination I have found there are seven distinct types of procrastinators.

1. Barrier-focused. Some people become focused on the reasons they cannot do something. Perhaps they need some additional data before they will begin.

2. Traditionalist. These are people who do not like change. They will put off any changes as long as they possibly can in hopes that people will realize how great things have always been in the past.

3. Creationist. Perhaps you know one of these procrastinators. They're minds are constantly coming up with ideas for exciting new projects. They are very involved during the initial stages, doing things will before they are required. However once a project is beyond the planning stages, the creationist thinks of a new idea. Anything associated with the new idea will get done immediately while tasks related to earlier ideas will be postponed.

4. Clock Watcher. Like Carolyn, the clock watcher prioritizes everything they do based on the due dates. They're not as concerned with importance of a task as they are with when something must be done. Seldom will he ever work on anything unless it's due that day.

5. Overachiever. Some people don't know when to say, “no”. These are the people we go to when we need a volunteer. No matter what we ask of them, they will do it. The problem with the overachiever is that the task list is so long it is hard to become motivated by just one item.

6. Exaggerator. It doesn’t matter how major or minor the task at hand, the exaggerator will make the task into a major ordeal.

7. Independent. The independent procrastinator has no problem doing those tasks they think or, however any task given to them by someone else will have to wait until later.