Selling Ice in the Middle-East

Ah-ha Moment

Consider selling ice in a desert. A scouting mission to the Middle East could quickly lead someone to believe that ice is an underserved commodity. Making that assumption one could also logically conclude the reason that ice is not sold commercially is that with daytime temperatures of 110°F to 130°F there is no way for consumer to get the product from the store to a home without a melting.

Continuing with this example, the next logical thing to do would be to develop an economical carrying case to insulate the ice from the desert heat. After going through all this developmental expense, one would find a total lack of sales.

Scroll down to find out why.

In the United States desert climates have no humidity but in the Middle East deserts are very humid. The Arabian people have learned that drinking iced beverages leads to physical discomfort and sweating. Therefore, in these warm humid climates, beverages are generally consumed at room temperature so that the internal thermometer of the drinker is closer to the external temperature of their body.

Market research is an important element of business strategy, but it requires more than simple statistics. Without understanding the customer, one could easily pass up an outstanding opportunity or they could invest time and energy into a strategy that is doomed to failure.