Recruiting Leaders

Connecting with employees


In the military a leader is only as good as the lieutenants supporting him or her. In the business world the same holds true. Leaders at all levels need to develop a support system of trusted advisors or information sources. These people are called lieutenants.

Lieutenants are extremely important when it comes to connecting to your team members. As mentioned in part one of this series peak periods present a challenge in the sustained connectivity a leader has to the team as time becomes overpopulated with requirements. It is during these times that the trusted lieutenants provide a bridge from the team to the leader just as the lieutenants on the battlefield report situations back to Central Command.

Recruiting lieutenants is not an official obligation. In fact the most effective lieutenant in the business world is the lieutenant has no idea they are lieutenant.

The people to be selected to serve this valuable role for the leader are those with whom the leader feels at ease in communications, has confidence they will be honest and open, can offer specific and unique ideas, is respectful and demonstrates a strong connection to the organization’s vision.