Puerto Rican Culture


If you have ever been to Puerto Rico you know that after midnight street lights are considered to be little more than yield signs. When you approach a red light you merely yield to oncoming traffic because they have agreed light. If this sounds strange consider that in the 50 states it is legal run a red light if you are taking a right-hand turn provided you have stopped to yield to oncoming traffic first. Likewise, in Puerto Rico, after midnight it is not only legal to take a right-hand turn on red after stopping it is also illegal to go straight or to turn left. Although that may be great fodder for comic it is also helpful in understanding that people look at life through different realities. Just as you would not think to run a red light in Michigan at 2 o’clock in the morning, despite a complete lack of traffic, and Puerto Rico they would think it absolute lunacy to remain stopped at the light.

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This video is excellent at showing how people from different backgrounds have different views on life. Use it to generate discussion about the different ways people look at things during diversity training sessions.