The Birds

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Change has become a buzzword that has created a stigma in many executives that change must occur constantly in order to stay at the top of an organization’s game. This type of thinking can lead to change just for the sake of having a project in progress in order to assure others change is happening.

The proper execution of change also involves taking a very hard look at current processes, procedures, business and competitive positions, technology, and other factors that will indicate whether or not the change will produce positive results.

In September 2002 he started his own daily talk show which Winfrey produced. It quickly became a ratings hit as a syndicated audience enjoyed his down-home Texan style. Giving practical advice to which his audience could easily relate was the hallmark of each show. Although each show appear to be different one common theme ran through all of the guests appearing before him in search of his wisdom.

“You cannot change,” said McGraw. “_____________”. Complete this quote by selecting one of the four choices below.

a. Diapers while the baby is still pooping.

b. What you do not acknowledge.

c. Unless someone you love tells you to.

d.Unless you have control of the situation.

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