Workshop Exercise

Brainstorming is an important part of any team.it can occur at any time. This exercise will prove that an effective team is always prepared for brainstorming.

Have an object that people will pass to each other. Make it a common object that any office will have. Perhaps an ink pen or wadded piece of paper.

Start the session by selecting a topic:

1. causes of stress at work

2. ideas for this year's Christmas party 3. things that motivate staff

4. ways to delight customers outside of their normal expectations

5. positive inspirational words we can use to help others

Your ideal group size is six to ten people.

For larger groups split the people into two or more groups and nominate facilitators for each group to record the team's suggestions and ideas.

Pass the selected object from person to person with each person giving an idea. After first complete pass allow participants to say, “pass” if they do not have an idea. Stop after the third pass.

Debrief by pointing out the free-flow of spontaneous, yet feasible, ideas and how that proves brainstorming can happen as soon as it is needed – it does not have to be scheduled ahead of time.

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