Are you an Entrepreneur?

Become a recruiter or a franchisee

Are you at the point in your life that you want to test your entrepreneurial spirit?

Max Impact has two ways that you can open your own recruiting firm as a stand-alone business or as an add-on to an existing business. Both give you the advantage of seeing how your own abilities translate into income.

  1. ​Become an indépendant contractor. As an indépendant contractor with Max Impact you get full access to our proprietary database of employers and candidates, world-class training, on-going coaching, the ability to signup your own accounts, and much more. This has the same general investment as becoming a realtor or starting a cosmetics business out of your home. The difference, we pay back 120% of your investment in the form of a $100 bonus to your first six earned fees.
  2. Become a franchise owner. You can own your own franchise in the "Gold Standard" of the recruiting business. You get all the support as an Independent Contractor but your larger investment brings a higher earning potential as you grow your franchise - and the value of your franchise.