Getting people to return to the training session can be a
chore for many facilitators. This video, “Be a Tree or a Leaf”,
is an excellent way to get people into their seats. There is a
high-energy video featuring the beloved characters of
Charles Schultz’s Peanuts comic strip. Not only will it get
people back into the meeting room, it will raise the level of
energy if the facilitator carries forward with a high-energy
introduction to the next agenda item.

The video is especially useful for any kind of leadership,
supervisory, attitude, self-mastery or goal setting workshop
or team meeting due to its content. However it is also
successfully used for meetings and other topics where you
want to have a lighthearted call to order that will produce an
energetic audience.

What is the difference between being a tree and being a
leaf? Watch this video and ask yourself, “I am a leaf or a

This video is especially useful when dealing with these
Using Videos in Presentations
Videos  are perfect for coaching or for
transitions between segments of a
workshop or as a call to order.
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