It is now commonplace for recruiters to check a candidate’s
social media activity before hire. In a survey by Chicago
pollster Challenger, Gray and Christmas, 60% of the human
resource executives surveyed admit to checking an
applicant's posts on social media sites such as Facebook.
However, only 6% of those doing the checking stated as a
significant impact on their hiring decision.

Legally a company cannot base a hiring decision solely on
their exploration of the candidate’s social media activity.
Instead it is a clue that personal issues might exist including
poor judgment, lack of discretion, attitude problems and
poor teamwork among others.

The most flagrant examples of what a recruiter may find in
their investigation include comments about wild parties,
excessive drinking, drugs, health issues and profanity. A
professional “nicknames” are also a tip that the recruiter may
want to explore during an interview – or could lead to
passing on an interview altogether.

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Social Media Use in Hiring
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