The impressive fact about Eggleston Services of Norfolk,
Virginia, is not the 8,000,000 pound of linens they lauder for
the United States military. It is the team that does the work.

Eggleston employs some very special people, including
Luke Grossman. A very dedicated worker, Grossman, who
relies on public transportation to get to and from work, brings
smiles and encouragement to his coworkers. They are
inspired by his positive attitude and dedication to doing
quality work. In fact, they nominated him for the William M.
Usdane employment award in 2008, which he won.

But Grossman is different from many of the individuals
around the country that operate industrial irons. He has
Down Syndrome.

Grossman is proving to his coworkers and supervisors that
talent is often hidden in special people. They cannot talk
about him without cracking a huge smile. In fact, just
discussing his commitment to the organization and his
coworkers raises the morale of the entire company. And
unlike some talented employees, Grossman has no desire
to seek other employment for any reason because he is not
just content with his position, he is ecstatic to be where he is.

AbilityOne Network, a non-profit employment service for the
blind or other disabilities, secured the position for
Grossman, just as they have done for many other federal
contractors. Clients include administrative services at the Air
Force Personnel Center, custodial services for NASA’s
Goddard Space Flight Center, supply chain management for
the Army and food services for the FBI Training Academy.

In addition to the laundry services, Eggleston operates a
food service business, group homes, recreation and
therapy, a child development center and other programs for
individuals with disabilities and their families in Norfolk,

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