Conflict in the workplace is one of the greatest distractions
facing today's supervisors. Some estimate the diversion of
employee issues on management is as much as 84 percent
of the workweek. Although that seems high to be an across
the board average it is definite that disruptive conflict is not a
good way to invest your time.

This video shows one conflict resolution style. It may make a
good video however the technique doesn’t really work. It
does point out how conflict escalates and that it needs to be
addressed before the conflict gets out of hand. Fortunately
effective conflict resolution techniques are easy to learn and
practical to put in place in both union and non-union

Enjoy the video. When it is done consider how much more
productive your team could be without the distraction of
harmful conflict.

This video is especially useful when dealing with these
Conflict Resolutuion
Videos  are perfect for coaching or for
transitions between segments of a
workshop or as a call to order.
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