212 Degrees
Have you ever thought about the difference one degree
makes? At 32° water is frozen in a mass that is hard to
penetrate but a 33° water is liquid and can flow to its
destination a matter what obstacles are placed in front of it,
unless those obstacles are totally insurmountable. Water
remains liquid until he gets 211°. The turn up the heat just
one more degree, to 212°, and water becomes steam -
capable of moving locomotives!

It is not just turning up the heat, it is striving for just a little
extra. If every employee were to increase their intensity by
just 1° imagine the impact on the entire organization.

This video vividly shows the impact of one more degree. It is
useful as an introduction into a discussion about attitude or
commitment. Some trainers use this video to set the mood
while others use it as a springboard to a conversation in
which participants will share what they feel could be
accomplished if everyone in their organization or to turn up
the heat. Typical responses include, “we would not have
missed the deadline for last month’s big project” or “we
might have been able to hit that sales goal.”

Do not attempt to use it as a video call a meeting back to
order because it is critical the entire video is viewed in order
to make its point.

Use it as an introduction to discussion.

This video is especially useful when dealing with these
Videos  are perfect for coaching or for
transitions between segments of a
workshop or as a call to order.
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