When an insurance salesperson wrote to the St. Petersburg
Times about the middle school student selling newspapers in
front of the Publix Supermarket across the street from his
office he was quite prophetic. "Watch that boy, he's going
places." Neither he nor Rick could have imagined what that
journey would be.

The places: 43 states, 2 US territories, and 23 countries
across 4 continents. It would involve working for small
businesses to Fortune 500 companies as a direct employee
or consultant in retailing, manufacturing, and construction. It
would include meeting with high-ranking governmental
officials in Africa and Asia and royalty in the Middle East. It
would also include global work with C-level executives,
business owners, and front line employees.

Now settled in Michigan he works to help others find hidden
talents so they can build their own success stories.

Experience includes:
  • Leading teams of 2 to 60 inspiring individuals by
    drawing out hidden talent, connecting them to a shared
  • Conducting fiscal reviews and managing P&Ls of up to
    $400 Million.
  • Improving operations resulting in higher sales,
    increased profits, production improvements, reduced
    defects, shorter and consistent lead times and higher
  • Internal and external consulting engagements
  • Global marketplace, relationships and joint venture
  • Strategy initiatives and business strategy development
    following competitive analysis
  • Financial review, shelf-landed costing, and optimal
    order points
  • Executive leadership development and team building
    and enabled leadership teams
  • New business strategy, market assessment, and
    overall business planning
  • Marketing and growth strategy development
  • Merchandise planning and inventory optimization
  • Customer service excellence
  • New business development, for and not-for profit

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