When Fred and Ethel Impact named their son Maximillian,
Max for short, they set in fate his eventual profession of
helping others get the maximum impact from their careers
and businesses.

Max distinguished himself as a consultant in board rooms to
senior and mid-management executives. Yet Max was just as
comfortable working with entry level and front line employees.

"That is where you find out the truth," Max often quipped
about those working directly with customers. "They know the
eventual implications of what is dreamed up in high level

The companies he consulted are household words. Proctor
and Gamble, Hanes, Kimberly-Clark, Fruit of the Loom,
Clorox, Mattel, Con-Agra, Fuji, Wm. Wrigley, and many more.

Today Max is enjoying retirement. He still wants to help
aspiring professionals find and draw out their hidden talent
so they will get max impact from all their efforts.

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Max was always running to get teams connected to a shared
vision. He never stopped long enough to get his picture taken.