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©2014 Max Impact, Rochester Hills,
Michigan, USA
One of the goals a leader has in developing a workplace
culture is to achieve full engagement of all team members to
a shared vision of success. The bar was raised an
employee engagement when Jeff Hornagold died.

Hornagold drove for
UPS for 20 years and loved it so much
his wife, Judy, often referred to him as “the happiest UPS
man alive.”

Being diagnosed with lung cancer this UPS driver had time
to give a lot of thought to his funeral. One of his dying wishes
showed his dedication to his employer.

Hornagold requested that his body be delivered to the
funeral home by UPS as “Special Delivery”.

Special arrangements were made and family and friends
gathered at the funeral home when a shiny brown delivery
truck pulled up and what would be the last delivery in which
Hornagold would be involved.

There is no doubt Hornagold was a huge asset to UPS.
Gallup polling has shown that dedicated employees are so
engaged in their job they consistently and decisively
outperform non-engaged employees. An engaged
employee contributes more, stays better focused, and takes
an active ownership in achieving the mission and vision of
his or her department and company.

Would not you love to create the kind of dedication
demonstrated by Hornagold?

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UPS and the funeral
A story of employee loyalty