Not too many people know the magnificent story of the
building of the
Brooklyn Bridge. It was the creative thinking
John Roebling, an engineer at the time the Civil War was
coming to a close. He envisioned a revolutionary span
connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Like many new ideas, Roebling’s was greeted by many nay
sayers. Bridge building experts from around the world said
his concept was impossible.

Unfazed by the negativity he enlisted the assistance of his
son, Washington, who was studying to be an engineer in his
father's footsteps.

They overcame many obstacles in order to begin
construction only to be met by the biggest challenge of all.

A few months into the project a horrible accident claimed
John Roebling’s life and left his son brain-damaged, unable
to talk, and paralyzed except for the use of one finger.

Locals thought this was the end of the bridge. However
Washington had a trick up his sleeve.

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Brooklyn Bridge
Overcoming obstacles
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