David Brenner (1936-2014) was a comic that appeared on
talk and game shows between presentations of his standup

He grew up in a place where success is often an elusive
thought – impoverished South Philadelphia. . Actually, he
started out much like TV’s “Fresh Prince of Belaire”.
However, Brenner did not have an Uncle Phil to move in with.
Despite that, Brenner believed in himself.

After serving in the military Brenner began to write for
television documentaries and often would produce and
direct them. But his heart was on comedy, an extremely
difficult field to enter, much less become successful.

His big break came on "
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny
Carson" on January 8, 1971, according to IMBd. He would
go on to a record-setting 158 total appearances on The
Tonight Show in addition to appearances on other talk and
variety shows.

His humor centered on everyday situations much as if he
was a forerunner to Jerry Seinfeld. In fact, it is first nationally
televised appearance on The Tonight Show his routine
pointed out that men never ask for directions.

You can see his first appearance on The Tonight Show by
clicking here.

Other examples included his insight into finding lost things.
“Why do people say it was in the last place I looked?”
Brenner lamented, “Who finds something and then keeps

He once remarked that someone came up to him on the
New York subway commenting on the newspaper upon
which Brenner was sitting.

“Are you reading that?” the man asked him. He says he
informed the man that yes he was in fact reading it, stood up
to turn the page and sat back down again.

Brenner’s humor also helped shape the baby boomer
generation with practical advice. Brenner said that if
someone were making a man on a telephone conversation
all you had to do was to start ranting back at them and hang
up in the middle of one of your sentences. He pointed out,
“who would ever believe young up on yourself?”

Brenner is one of the comedians featured in the book “
A Ph.
D. In Happiness from the Great Comedians” by Tommy
Moore, which also features the Detroit great Soupy Sales.

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David Brenner
An early "fresh prince"