Here is a fun ice-breaker.

Facilitator: Read the following:

“If you were to ask 10 people what Eleanor Roosevelt's
name was before she married the man that would be our
longest serving president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it is
doubtful any of them would know. Her maiden name was one
of the most unusual for somebody not marrying a relative.

Her maiden name was the same as her married name,
Eleanor Roosevelt. Here is a twist to get thoughts going: ask
“Does this make Eleanor the first woman to keep her
maiden name after marriage?”

‘Then there is the marriage of Kelly Hildebrandt to Kelly
Hildebrandt. The couple met when the female Kelly did a
search on her name in Facebook. The search revealed a
male with the exact same name. The Associated Press
reports a marriage took place following the cyberspace

‘Johnny Carson also had an interesting set of wife names.
His three wives were Joan, Joanne, and Joanna.

‘Another unique name is warned by a business
acquaintance named Tera. After she married Mr. Moon her
name was truly planetary -- Tera, meaning Earth, and Moon,
meaning orb circling the Earth.”


Ask participants to ask others in their group the following

  • Perhaps you know other unique names. Why not share
    them here?

  • What if you are someone you know married someone
    else that would give them an unusual name? Share it
    with your table.

  • Why not let the others at your table come up with an
    interesting last name of someone they know that would
    give you an unusual name if you were to marry and
    take their name or start a company together?

Small group discussion:

Share your name and ask others if they can think of an
unusual married name that could possibly end up being


After five to ten minutes have each group introduce
themselves and give the most unusual name pairing their
group suggested.
Max has created these exercises over the
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or systemization of public domain
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