Designed for diversity workshops, this exercise shows people how
co-workers from different national or ethnic groups have different
cultural norms.

  1. Understand that different cultures think differently.
  2. Interact with others at this session.

A separate quiz is available for each continent, however Asia is
split into three, one for the Fast East, one for the Middle East,
and one that covers Russia, India, and other parts of Asia.

Length of exercise: It is recommended to allow about 20
minutes for each quiz you take. Read the situation first and then
see if anyone can offer a guess as to what then answer might be.
Allow all opinions as long as nobody becomes long-winded before
going the the next slide, which is the answer slide.

  1. Segment of a diversity workshop.
  2. Segment of a customer service workshop.

Training topics:
  1. Diversity and inclusion,
  2. Cultural road map.

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