A minister, doctor, and consultant were playing golf one day
and had the misfortune of playing behind a very slow
foursome. The consultant inquired, "What's with these
people? We've been waiting more than 30 minutes! This is
ridiculous." The doctor quickly agreed, "They're hopeless,
I've never seen such a lack of consideration."

Just then the minister spotted one of the ground crew
approaching. He called him over to complain about the

The ground crew member told the trio the slow foursome
was a group of former firefighters that had been blinded
when putting out an inferno in the clubhouse. The course’s
owner lets them play whenever they want.

With this new information the minister committed to pray for
the sightless foursome.

“That’s nice,” added the doctor. “I know an optometrist that
might be able to help them. I’ll call him tomorrow morning
and see what he can do.”

Meanwhile, the consultant wondered why the former firemen
couldn’t play at night.

This story illustrates the need for diversity when making
decisions. People with different training, professions,
upbringing, experiences, and cultures will have different
viewpoints on the situations, problems, and opportunities
facing businesses in an average day.

Life Lesson: different people look at things differently.

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