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As Russ got up to leave meeting the man asked him to wait
a moment.  He got up from the table and gave Russ a firm
handshake.  More interrupted.

Russ’s secret, every time he thought about interrupting he
could see the sign and thought to himself what it must be like
to try and tell somebody something without ever being
afforded the opportunity to complete his thought.

Customer service is far too often thought of as being nice
and friendly.  Although both these traits are important they do
not necessarily set one part from competitors.  

The secret to great customer service is empathy.  

That's the ability to get into the customer’s head and think
like your customer thanks, to know their challenges and
frustrations, to understand what makes them happy, to see
their turn-offs, and understand what gives them pleasure.
This is empathy in action.

When you master empathy you will constantly provide world-
class customer service.

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