Russ, a financial planner, was on a sales call with a client
who had a huge problem with stuttering.  As the man
struggled to complete his sentences Russ felt an
overwhelming urge to finish his sentences for him.

But a couple of weeks prior Russ had been in a seminar
taught by Max Impact during which Max shared that
whenever you feel the need to say something that would
interrupt a potential client you should visualize a sign that
says "Shut Up".

The only way Russ could keep from finishing the man's
words was to visualize that sign.

The meeting went well and Russ was successful in getting
through it with interrupting even once.

When Russ finished giving the gentleman his value
statement he asked what the man wanted to do.  The
gentleman told him he was going to invest his money with

What was the reason the gentleman gave for placing his
financial investments in Russ's hands?

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The Stutterer
As Aesop established hundreds of years
ago with his timeless fables we remember
words best when we become engaged in a
story. Max has compiled an anecdotal
story collection designed to generate “ah-
ha” moments during coaching sessions,
presentations, and meetings.
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