Do you have a problem with a chronically late employee? You
talk to them about it over and over again yet nothing seems to
get them to recognize the need for promptness. As with any
unacceptable employee behavior you may cross the line and
become overly involved. This is what happened to my friend

Her employee, Bill, had started coming in late every day. This
troubled her however conducting a corrective interview
troubled her more. To try and avoid filling out the
reprimanding paperwork, Erma talked to Bill casually when he
was alone at the copy machine.

Bill explained a new neighbor had moved into the apartment
over his and they were up late every night, keeping him from
sleep. By the time he was getting into lullaby land he was in
such deep rapid eye movement he did not hear his alarm. He
apologized for his tardiness and pledged to do better.

Several days past and not only was their no improvement, Bill’
s fatigue was becoming evident to others. Still avoiding a
written chastisement Erma went to Bill and offered him some
over-the-counter sleeping medication she had found to be
successful. Bill agreed to take them.

That night he took two pills and went straight to sleep in spite
of the noise from upstairs. He was shocked when he woke up
two hours ahead of the alarm clock so rewarded himself with
a nice breakfast before heading to the office.

Arriving at work early he sought out Erma and happily
exclaimed the success of the medication.

To his surprise Erma asked him to sit down and she wrote out
a corrective interview.

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