As Aesop established hundreds of years
ago with his timeless fables we remember
words best when we become engaged in a
story. Max has compiled an anecdotal
story collection designed to generate “ah-
ha” moments during coaching sessions,
presentations, and meetings.
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The dangerous sleeping dog
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Before I put up the sign people kept tripping over Hunter. I
was afraid someone would hurt themselves falling.”

You know work teams are often the same as this illustration.
You hire someone that is full of energy, like Hunter must have
been when he was a puppy. Yet over time they slow down.

Eventually they become like the older Hunter. People must
be warned or they will fall over them as they try to accomplish
even simple tasks.

I’m not talking about lazy people. I’m talking about people
that have become worn out by needless red tape. They
become just like the sleeping Hunter – you have worn them
out by making things harder than necessary.

The savvy supervisor knows how to keep Hunter engaged
and productive. They do not push Hunter along -- they
connect Hunter to the inbred desire to conquer challenges.

Why not check today to see what barriers and obstacles
stand between your employee’s desire for success and
actual attainment of success?

Life Lesson: Red tape is like a sleeping dog. It is an
obstacle that one must always walk around..