Being a pleasant day I decided to take a few moments and
enjoy lunch with a couple of my workshop participants at a
picnic table outside the conference center. During our
pleasant conversation I noticed two workers at the edge of
the grassy area next to a
gentle brook. One was digging a
foot deep hole every few feet.  The other was following him
a short distance behind filling in the fresh holes.

I approached them to offer a couple of cool bottles of water.
Granted, it was more out of curiosity than generosity. They
were extremely grateful for the beverage and were quite
pleasant in return.

“I am curious,” I began. “Just as diligently as you are digging
the holes he is filling them in. It does not look like you are
putting anything in the holes.”

“We are not,” said the gentleman filling in the holes.

“So why are you digging the holes just to have them filled in

“Wow, I can see how silly that must look,” one said, wiping
sweat from his forehead. “The reason is very simple.”

“Fred is out sick today,” he continued.

“What does that have to do with it,” I asked.

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The Holes
As Aesop established hundreds of years
ago with his timeless fables we remember
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