A cigarette discarded without being extinguished started a
rooftop fire in London, England, March 6, 2014.
Investigators believe a bird picked up the lit cigarette and
later dropped it on the roof, which had not been accessed
by humans for several years.

Matt Cullen, investigator for the London Fire Brigade, found
a partially burnt bird nest to solve the case. See Cullen’s full
report here.

Cullen says the incident is a great example of why it is
important to put your cigarettes out fully.

“You never know what might become of your smoldering
butts! Luckily for the residents,” writes Cullen, “their
neighbors saw the smoke and raised the alarm, so fire
crews could get in quickly and bring it under control.”

This is a great illustration as to why rules need to be
followed, particularly when it comes to smoking outside the

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The Fiery Bird