Do you know somebody with a famous name? Sometimes it
can be very beneficial. For example, a consultant that has
worked with Max in the past was named
Joe Cool seldom
has anybody forget his name.

However there are times having a famous name can be

An Outback Steakhouse in New York received a call from
someone named
Harry Potter.

After he hung up the maître d' did not make the reservation --
instead the staff shared a laugh because of what they thought
was a phone prank.

The laughter ended later in the day but Harry Potter actually
showed up.

Verifying his identity from his driver’s license the restaurant
made amends by giving the Potter party the free dinner.

Life's Lesson: Never make assumptions when it comes to
customer service.


As Aesop established hundreds of years
ago with his timeless fables we remember
words best when we become engaged in a
story. Max has compiled an anecdotal
story collection designed to generate “ah-
ha” moments during coaching sessions,
presentations, and meetings.
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