Gary realized success for his small business depended on
his ability to motivate his four employees.  Yet he was having
trouble getting his team to perform mundane tasks that were
essential to the business. In particular, sweeping the floor
each night!

It is extremely important that Gary's shipping and receiving
floor be swept and the trash is taken out each night.  With
margins tight he could not afford luxuries like a
service. He wanted to have his employees handle the task,
yet it was not part of the normal job description for their
positions. He was wrestling with the daily grind of begging
and it was taking a toll on him.

One day over lunch Gary discussed his problem with me.

“It’s sad to admit that trash and sweeping is such a
distraction from the business,” confided Gary. “It is the one
thing I lose the most sleep over.”

“Tell me, Gary,” I said, “Why do you think it is such a battle?”

“I cannot get them to see the big picture,” Gary said. “The
only way to get a cleaning service would be to take away
marketing dollars per cut payroll.  Neither one is
acceptable.  But they seem to think the tasks are beneath
them. ”

“So who does the cleaning now?”  I asked.

“Either they do it begrudgingly or it does not get done.”

“Gary, are you really willing to do whatever it takes to solve
this problem?”

“Absolutely!” Gary replied.

What was Gary asked to do to solve his dilemma?

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