As Aesop established hundreds of years
ago with his timeless fables we remember
words best when we become engaged in a
story. Max has compiled an anecdotal
story collection designed to generate “ah-
ha” moments during coaching sessions,
presentations, and meetings.
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©2007 Max Impact, Rochester Hills, Michigan,USA
The Butterfly and Passerby
It has become very noble for individuals and companies to
buy from businesses located in their own state. It is an
almost romantic philosophy that by supporting local
companies everyone is better off. As gallant as this sounds
it may not always be the best practice.

One morning, a passerby saw the butterfly struggling to
break free from its cocoon. Taking pity on the insect he
decided to help the little creature escape the confines of its
existence. He reached down and gently removed the
remaining cocoon away from the young butterfly.

The grateful butterfly looked up at the man and said he
would now reward the man by showing him his beautiful new
wings. However, as the butterfly attempted to flutter and fly,
he found he could not do so.

“In your kindness, dear sir,” said the former caterpillar.

But then th caterpillar said something that shocked  the

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