Many people think customer service is a matter of being
nice to all customers. The view typically focuses on the
customer at hand over the balance of the customers that
frequent the business.

Consider this strange case at a
McDonald’s in Spartanburg,
South Carolina, to handle an irate customer. Lori Shannon
Turner claimed she had been shorted a hamburger. The
crew member filling the order was positive she had placed
two burgers in the bag on the counter and refused to give
the customer another.

The McDonald’s crew member immediately saw this as a
theft issue, not a customer service issue.

Once the police arrived, the officer could see grease marks,
according to their report, on Turner’s pants. A female officer
was able to quickly retrieve the burger.

It seems Turner made the drop while the crew member
turned her back to get Turner’s beverages.

Many would say that in the interest of great customer service
Turner should have been given another sandwich. Such an
action would have prevented the disturbance at the counter
and the need for the police to arrive.

However the quick thinking crew saw this as a safety issue
as Turner was showed signs of drunkenness, trumping the
customer service factor. By having the police intervene they
were able to help Turner more than if they had provided the
replacement. In her intoxicated state, Turner presented a
risk to herself and others in the area.

Turner has a long police record, including assault,
shoplifting, forgery, resisting arrest, petty larceny, two counts
of public disorderly conduct and four counts of inhaling
aromatic hydrocarbons. She was charged with public
disorderly conduct and released from jail on $262 bond.

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