An aquarium stand held the fish’s tank above a shelf that
contained several newspapers and magazines. The
homeowner was using the stand to hide the electrical outlet
in which the aquarium’s air pump was plugged into.

Unfortunately a short circuit in the outlet lead to some sparks
which ignited the papers under the tank. Seeing the fire the
homeowner dialed 911.

When firefighters arrived the fire was already extinguished.

“As the papers burned,” the report concludes, “they heated
the water in the aquarium. The water reached the point that
seals holding the glass walls to form the aquarium ruptured,
releasing many gallons of water. This sudden downward
flood of water immediately extinguished the fire.”

The result, the Fire Department report reads was that no
significant damage was done to the house. However, the
report concludes, “All the fish died.”

In this case the old saying that no amount of planning can
replace dumb luck and in this case certainly luck saved the
day. Dumb luck is an unplanned event that results in
something good. Often it is some unforeseen incident that
lifted a business’s sales or created additional profits.

Every business needs to have a well thought out plan
allowing for different scenarios. Doing so will better equip
the business to turn a profit when unexpected situations

In the case of the homeowners, the aquarium incident was
dump luck.

However to the fish, a better strategy would have been

Life Lessons:
  • Morale #1: Dumb luck sometimes trumps everything
  • Morale #2: Be positive, you may have lost your fish
    but you saved you house.

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