Measuring Leadership

Ah-ha Moment

Actor turned politician Ronald Reagan served his country as the 40th U. S. President. Reagan, along with his wife Nancy, was credited by many as restored class to the White House following the hillbilly Carter years. From the elegant dancing at the inaugural balls to the manner in which he communicated with the public Reagan proved himself to be a distinguished gentleman.

A true conservative, Reagan turned the country from recession to prosperity as he tore down the iron curtain to reestablish social and economic ties between the former soviet world and the western cultures.

Reagan was able to build a devoted following. The term “Reagan Democrats” was used to refer to deflectors from the opposing political party who gave him their support.

With a view of leadership that depended on a different criteria than that previously applied by traditional managers, Reagan provided new insight to successful leadership.

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that __________”

Choose the end of the quote from these choices:

1. Does the best things.

2. Gets the people to do the greatest things.

3. Should get the credit .

4. Watches others do the work.

For the correct ending of the quote, scroll down.

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