Martha Stewart: Open Minds

Quote Quiz

At the age of ten Martha Stewart appeared in a commercials for Unilever to start a career as a model. Today she is one of the nation's most successful businesswomen. She built the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia company in the television and print media and designing lines of products sold at national retailers. It may have been destiny. The daughter of Polish immigrants, her parents taught her cooking, crafts, sewing and much more that would be the basis from her post-modeling success as a decorator and designer for Kmart Corporation.

Many wondered why a woman of her talents and prestige would partner with the discounter when they felt she was more suited for a full-line upstairs department store chain. But Martha’s wisdom proved right as Kmart invested millions into her product line. This parlayed into her television show and magazine.

Why did she take such an expected step as signing with Kmart? “

Without an open-minded mind”, she said, “you can never be _______.” (Choose the correct ending from the choices below)

  1. Like me.
  2. On my television show.
  3. Open-hearted.
  4. A great success.

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Some of the worst phrases in any brain storming session are “We have always done it that way” or “We did that before and it did not work.” These are words that can quickly take an idea and torturously kill it. Simply because a particular procedure is followed for many years does not make it the best option in today’s business environment.

Most people do not even know why the particular policy has been established in the first place let alone why it is still valid today. If a company tried something before, who’s to say they gave it the best possible try? Often something that was attempted, but not successful, is because of the team attempting it or market and/or company conditions at the time.

The most successful businesswomen in the United States is Martha Stewart. Her keen business sense has proven her talents and broadcast media, print media, branding, design and retail.

“Without an open-minded mind”, Stewart said, “You can never be a great success.”

The truth behind her words can be very instrumental during a brainstorming session. It is critical as many ideas as possible are surfaced before killer phrases can stifle the entire creative process.